Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Lost & Found

Eleanor's clearing her desk right now. She's just handed me an old, crumpled envelope with my handwriting on one side. Apparently at some time in the before-now I wrote the following two poems. The first didn't have a title (rather unusually, as I often start with the title these days) so I've given it a somewhat unimaginative one for now. Other than that I've changed practically nothing in either.

Things I Have Seen

I've seen a fire engine.
Its red hands were clasped in a gesture of horrible anticipation.

I've seen a blade of grass.
No one was looking so it probably got away with it.

I've seen an old window.
"Too wooden," said the giant tortoise underneath, "far too blue and wooden."

I've seen a modern rock band.
They sang about anal sex and synthetic textiles.

I've seen a wasp.
It was carrying a dead shoe in its claws.

I've seen 14 other things as well,
but they're not quite so consistently engaging.

A Chant for Mellotrons



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